Somewhere Under the Skies of Wessex

The Death of Reality

What is a woman? People in the future will read this and think what a ridiculous question.

But here we are, in an era when men are competing in women's sport, where men claim to have periods, where men think they can breast feed children. The men in question are in fact transwomen, and they would have you believe transwomen are women. Taking that train of thought to its ultimate destination leads certain adherents to the idea that transwomen should be able to breast feed a child.

If you dare question this narrative you are accused of being transphobic, which could in turn lead to the police investigating you for a hate crime, the risk of losing your job and the chance your bank could close your account without notice.

The fundamental problem arises from the use of the word woman. The definition of a woman, as accepted by most right minded people, is of a female human being.

A man can never be a woman, no matter what drugs are taken or what surgery they undergo.

It's time we called an end to this nonsense. Leave women to be women, and transfolk, stop pretending to be something you are not and never can be.