Short reflections on philosophy/religion as a way of life!

Life Update: I have a spiritual director now 👀

Just the other day I shared with my followers how I have been feeling for some four months now. I shared an excerpt of a quick email I typed and sent earlier last week. Once lightly edited it reads as follows:

I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell spiritually for a few months, and I’d like to change this if at all possible. Since I am so detached from both church functions and personal devotions right now, I am essentially living my life according to the teachings of the Stoics.  I feel like I am losing my faith, not as in becoming an atheist or a none, but as in not finding it very meaningful and helpful. I feel like I am living on fumes spiritually, living by the memories and experiences of the past, with no current experience speak of nor future experiences to look forward to…

I’m cautiously excited and optimistic at the prospect of meeting weekly with my new spiritual director. I hope it helps me rekindle the flame of faith that is almost extinguished in my heart.

I know that the only way I can remain and thrive as a Christian moving forward will be as a contemplative Christian. I see no other way in which I thrive and also remain in the faith. I have studied Contemplative Christianity for years, but studying and truly practicing are two different things. I hope that I succeed in my attempt at doing the latter. We’ll see.