Sharky (🚐), Guéva Jean and Yair in the landscapes of France 🇫🇷

Burger King in Gedera 🍔👑

Another random day, but only that we’ve switched! Guéva picked up the wheel and Yair needed the cuddles. Guéva’s fever went down to 37.2°c and Yair’s rose up to 38.8°c !!!

It all started in this closed city of Dijon. No mustard has waited for us, not the beaux-arts museum, neither the people. So we needed to fuel ourselves with coffee and un croissant. As all of you might already know, Yair loves coffee, and his cup of coffee is a double espresso. Not the coffee that you can see here:

From there, we decided to take a higher stake and wanted to put out for the test our appetite, and as you probably all know, it is bonne.

and then… Freaky Friday’s ghosts came to us, and the switch was made! Yair gave Guéva the Halushes (“I’m weak, help me”) face, and it was done.

We tried to break free from these old spells but every runaway leads to Burger King, but a good sign was delivered to us- Valence, the city that we’ve visited is the twin city of Gedera (IL), the city nearby Guéva’s home and where he spent most of his time, mainly at the dance studio. So we knew (somehow) we are in good hands!

We buckled up again for a 24min ride, to go to this supposed-to-be-beautiful camper site and we will let you all know all about it tomorrow, when we’ll first get to see it :) Wish Yair a good and warm night so he can defeat this sickness and kick it out!

Á demain!