Sharky (🚐), Guéva Jean and Yair in the landscapes of France 🇫🇷

Sunday, ill-day 🤒 (+Polaroid series!)

Dear readers, your support and comments are really encouraging us to commit to this blog. Thanks for the warm wishes and bottles of champagne (if you didn’t send us anything, this is the time to open your Wolt, or favorite delivery app, and order something to this address!).

Many of you asked about our blog, its goals and our mission. So we thought we are going to dedicate a few moments to tell our readers what Sharyky is all about. Sharky-n-us is an independent blog that stands for honest and transparent web. Unlike your friends in social media, with only happy moments, we are going to report things as they are!

So today was sick day. During the night, Guéva’s temperature rose to 39.1°c! It was a tough one. But don’t you lose faith! Yair has taken care of Guéva and Sharky all together! Sharkt