What happens when the rose-colored glasses break

A Breakthrough?

So that fight continued on into Saturday. Round and round in endless circles. More nonstop accusations and crazy-making. I finally told him no matter what I say or how much evidence I provide, he will just continue arguing and making random, wild accusations – and I asked him to leave me alone. He continued for a bit, but I didn't respond.

Yesterday he reached out one more time asking if I want my things ...

Meanwhile, I am finally making some progress in changing my number. After a lot of work and technical difficulties, I got a new number set up on a new phone with a new carrier. Got everything I could think of changed over and reached out to as many people as possible to advise of my new number. Obviously Garrett and his enablers were excluded. I sent Madeline a new phone and am working on getting her number ported over (he doesn't know her number). My old number will be disconnected at the end of the billing cycle – next Sunday. Hopefully I survive until then.

Today was supposed to be our second couples counseling session. I reached out ahead of time to let the therapist know Garrett would (hopefully) not be showing up and asking if he was okay meeting with just me and he agreed. I was nervous all morning not knowing if Garrett would show up and cause a scene. Lots of breathing exercises in the waiting room fending off a panic attack. He didn't show. This session provided the validation I have needed for so long. It started with the therapist confirming the abuse. He said Garrett clearly has some “anger management problems” and later confirmed that he noticed it (and his difficulties maintaining relationships) in our first session. This man sees it. He sees everything! Finally, someone who is not fooled – was not manipulated by Garrett! He will be working with me through my journey to healing, happiness, and learning how to establish healthy relationships.

He strongly encouraged me to let my landlord know and make it clear that Garrett is not welcome on this property. This evening I finally found the words to text Pete and relay the message and apologize for all the drama. The response I got: “I hope this goes without saying, but if you have any trouble, do not hesitate to call me. I got your back.”

I was not prepared for the wave of comfort that came over me. I have people. Here. People who know me for who I am and they care. People who will support me without having to know the details or getting involved in the drama – because my character has spoken for itself. People who see Garrett's slander and manipulation for exactly what it is – abuse.

I am so incredibly grateful for the people God has placed in my life. Finally I can see and feel His hand of protection over me. I have no idea what the next year or two will look like for me, but for the first time ever I finally feel like maybe I can actually escape this awful man.