Misleading preview

I used Flutter in the past to develop an iOS app. But I want to try SwiftUI for a new project, so I am now learning SwiftUI development with XCode.

XCode has this nice Preview feature. It is slower than I expected given I have an M2 processor in my laptop. (Okay it is a complex and powerful IDE, so maybe as fast as Sublime Text is not realistic. But it should not feel slower than VS Code.)

The Preview helps give useful feedback loop. Most of the time.

Today, I spent a lot of time trying to debug a “Preview Crashed” error and went nowhere. Out of ideas, I decided to just build it and run the app on the Simulator. I wanted to know if I would get a different error message than the one I got in XCode.

Guess what? It runs without any problem in the Simulator. 🤔

Oh well, I will take any small win I can.