writings of a personal documentarian

After completing the copywriting courses in July, I realized that I would like to start becoming a writer by first practicing story-telling techniques using my own personal experiences. Since the end of July and the whole of August, I have messily drafted eight stories. I sketched out and attempted to express the emotions I had in those experiences. I referred back to the notes/lists that I've taken since 2018 when I wrote down the activities that I did that year and onward. Everything was disorganized, words and phrases in a discombobulated timeline. After writing those eight drafts, I decided to go back to the drawing board and actually organize all those notes.

I did this writing prep project for two weeks. Glancing at all the “I did” lists that I've made since 2018, I wrote onto another sheet of paper, a general list of all the activities that I did each year. A meta-perspective. Logging and listing in order to see what I've accomplished gives me a sense of perspective with where I am. Purging papers filled with overstuffed notes felt good, as if I was giving up on those outdated feelings, thoughts, and goals. I need white space to be a minimalist copywriter or any other writer that I want to be in the sustainable space.

At one point, I was looking at my “I did” list of the year 2021 at a cafe with an outdoor patio, complete with the wonderfully western haze of the mountainous landscape. Suddenly, I had a euphoric feeling. I remembered that all the actions I took in Utah for the past three years was so that I could learn how to take care of myself and improve myself in a whole new environment and use that novelty of the new environment to make a change in career/start an online business/practice self-improvement. Because of this positive perspective, I noticed that all the actions that I accomplished here were in service of getting back to the intention of moving to a new state in the first place. Not all of them were, for I got distracted in my original intention. Recalling my xenophile penchant, desire for a location independent lifestyle, interest in business, flair for writing, enthusiasm for languages, I remembered this place of pines and dry mountains and snowbound slopes is just a transitory phase. All the things I tried and which didn't work here helped me.

At the start of August, I attended a Lead Generation Marketing Workshop on Zoom hosted by a solopreneur and solo business consultant. I was still doing my local accelerated-learning business building project, but after the five-day intensive workshop, I decided to build it long-term, solely internet-based, and use myself as a test-subject, documenting my usage of these accelerated-learning strategies. After this workshop, I also realized that I want to place my business within the sustainability space and cater it to professionals looking to upskill in green skills. I created a six-part skill-learning system out of the accelerated skill-learning notes I wrote down back in May. Why not marry the futuristic workplace/skill-training with sustainability and accelerated-learning?

So now I resume my personal story writing. After writing out more first drafts, second drafts, I will edit them and post a few on here as well.