writings of a personal documentarian

I've realized that I have been in the on & off process of acquiring skills in different phases of my life, not necessarily becoming this or that person.

I don't really look at becoming anything because I think of the future so much. In ten years, my job might be obsolete or there might be an entirely new way of working. Or I might take a new “job of the future” or perform a new solopreneur project that has not come down the line yet in 2023.

I also like the idea of combining different skills & knowledge in a project. Maybe my skill in python programming [which I was working on acquiring in 2018], could work with a personal money management, female health/fertility/menstrual cycle, or sustainable travel project [provided I have enough understanding of those subjects].

Or my skill in speaking french could be combined with my skill in coding an AR app, writing direct-response copy, or playing jazz piano.

Now I focus on accelerating my rare & marketable skill acquiring and only choosing a specialization after that process.