writings of a personal documentarian

Starting a new learning project…copywriting! My aim is to help the businesses I feel good about supporting [here in Salt Lake as well as remote] get more foot and internet traffic.

I’d like to help small biz-owners/startups that align with the topics I enjoy reading about in articles or listening to via podcast episodes:
-low-waste living
-green business
-sustainable travel
-local sustainable Salt Lake City spots
-local Salt Lake City zero-waste shops
-ethical travel
– futuristic technologies
-female-centered businesses
-women-owned zero-waste shops
-women-owned businesses
-“femtech” startups
-“sextech” startups
– virtual reality/augmented reality & language-learning startups

A possible future idea is to write for these companies and hone my persuasive writing skills. In my written rhetoric course in college, I learned to write in a persuasive tone, but it was never concrete. Desiring results quickly, I like the idea of direct-response over branding & closing a sale rapidly. So that I can help businesses solve problems faster for their buyers.

It took about two hours to do prep: sifting through courses on e-learning platforms such as Coursera, CreativeLive, and Udemy, finding recommended books from bloggers & writers that I admire. I chose my two instructional materials on Udemy, one specifically targeting direct-response copywriting skills & one on utilizing your genuine voice to generate tangible results from authentic copy creation. As well as those two online courses, I will be reading the books’ Spin-Selling,” “The No B.S. Guide to Direct-Response Marketing” and “The No B.S. Guide to Response Sales” by Dan Kennedy.

I reviewed what a great study routine is based on accelerated-learning strategies [spacing, practice, feedback loops], the Pomodoro technique as well as the 5 minute rule, refreshed my memory on what the Feynman technique is, & pinpointed where to pick up mini-projects to hone the macro/micro skills involved in copywriting. Each time I learn something new and need to practice it, I know how to practice it effectively, how to do feedback mechanisms efficiently, and write down concepts I don’t understand by doing ‘retrieval practice” or the “5-year-old method”

My ultimate aim is to have a little more freedom in my day so that I can reduce hours in my 9-5.