writings of a personal documentarian

Within the last month, I've been working on getting 'Small Sustainable Learning' up and ready for both local and non-local learners [I will be doing Zoom calls for both]

I've categorized and organized and stripped my notes [in a plain-text file] of fluff [leaving only essential, streamlined, & simple directives] and that has produced four categories of learning that I have experience in: learning to understand a topic deeper, learning to acquire a skill, learning a language, and learning to memorize [not only do these newly-improved categorized notes help me to quickly explain the concept & detail to the client, but it also helps me as I will apply this knowledge each time with each future project!]

I've come up with my own hashtags & icons for categorizing these points [in each category of my notes which are in a plain text file]

I wrote out my own personal learning project plan that I will use within three months to a year [complete with my how-tos and resources] based on accelerated-learning notes I've refreshed my memory with over the last three weeks [copywriting, content writing+blogging, sustainable travel, jazz piano…]

Created a page on this site where one can book a 30-min meeting with me

Created a page on this site for the testimonials I've collected

I've come up with a lot of ideas about how to get leads for both the short-term and the long-term version of 'Small Sustainable Learning'

I've shared my knowledge with four people so far, two of them students, and the other two wanting to learn the tools to learn a language quickly. It has been exciting to explain these concepts to a newbie!

I've organized my files and folders on iCloud Drive so that I can easily access them for my copywriting learning project. A lot my notes that I previously had in Apple Pages or a Microsoft Word Doc I have converted into a plain text file

I've joined an online entrepreneurship community called “Peak Entrepreneurship” [https://community.peakentrepreneurship.com] where I can bounce ideas off of successful solopreneurs

I set up a Calendly page

signed up for a Testimonial Platform where I can direct people to share how their session went with me

I progressed through a 5-day intensive lead-generation marketing workshop where I specified which professional I would market to, which specific distribution channel I would use, honed in on the green skills/green economy/green jobs market, created a PDF checklist [using Apple Pages & Canva] and a landing page [using Systeme.io] and email-opt-in offer for that freebie in case a future reader would like to get on my email list. I've created a Dropbox account where I can share all of these future PDF freebies.

The last thing I will need to do in order to get 'Small Sustainable Learning' ready is to answer the questions that I have been popping up with the short sessions I have done so far, points and explanations that I need to look up further in order to explain rapid learning better [and for my own learning project]. I call it my 'Questions List' and will just be checking that off in two 50 minute sessions soon.

Also, within the last two weeks, I pressed play on the first module of the copywriting course on Udemy that I said I would start this learning project with. In addition to the online course, I've progressed through a copywriting training from Anna Powers' “Clickworthy Copywriting” [since I signed up for her email list!]. I realized that I haven't done a learning project since 2019 [when I was going through a python course [that I started in 2018] for a month at my makeshift standing desk in Virginia].

Within this month, I will continue to go through the copywriting course & email training, find people for 'Small Sustainable Learning, and blog once a week on Fridays.