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Ahoohoo of the Day

I apologise for linking to the Daily Fail but today’s Ahoohoo is Albert Butler who while in his car (of course) refused to let an emergency vehicle get past and is by all accounts a massive ahoohoo. In Albert’s case, the existence of something other than the private car using the road, functioned as a reverse catnip, invoking anger and obstructive behaviour.

EXCLUSIVE Pictured: 'Senseless and irresponsible' driver who avoided jail for blocking ambulance | Daily Mail Online

‘Ahoohoo’ refers to the sobbing rage with which such people respond when faced with anything challenging their car-centred worldview. They almost certainly (in the UK) voted Leave, as such social-democratic concepts as public transport and cycling are hateful to them. Ahoohoos are not necessarily to be found behind the wheel of a car, but they usually will be.