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Possibly another video, or Bourton 1.1

I want to redo my Bourton on the Water video at some point but as mentioned already I’m having a rest at the moment due to various circumstances. However I do have the .MP4 file of the existing Bourton film, even if I don’t have the original footage. What I’m thinking is to practice my use of VSDC by taking the existing film and recutting it, adding a new soundtrack to replace the one that has caused complaints (though not as many as the Stow one which I have already remade), noting down my voiceover text and re-recording that, and reissuing the video. Yes, I’ll (probably) lose the original background sounds of passers-by, birdsong, etc, but does that matter? I suspect not. I can cut in new background sound. Provided I make it clear that’s what I’ve done.