Blogging again. Of course.

Adventures in Cookout

Well, that was an adventure. We were just about to the eating phase for the first wave of ribs when the storm blew up. The fellows got some ribs but the wind and rain were too heavy by my turn and we all retreated to the screen tent that we use for a movie theater.

As the storm progressed, the screen tent we use as a kitchen faced immediate collapse. I ran out again and grabbed the guy line to hold the tent in an upright position. When the wind let up for a moment, I ran into my tiny house and grabbed one of the new stakes that I like so much. I used it to change the angle of the guy line to pull more southward than westward. That stabilized the tent, and I went back to shelter.

I got thoroughly drenched. I did finally get ribs, but the ones I picked out of the grill had been overcooked to leather and dust. I got some more though.

Now it's all sunshine and steam. The last wave of ribs is on the grill now, the previous two waves in a pot to cool so that we can put them in storage bags.