Blogging again. Of course.

BBQ Ribs Multicooker

I read a bunch of recipes about how to make ribs using a pressure cooker and adapted them to my own purposes.

My multicooker has a bake function and an air fry function, so I was able to transform the step where the recipes say to use an oven or grill.

Pictures below of meat. Don't look if that's a problem.

All the other recipes also advocate making your own seasoning blends and sauces. F that. I use blends and sauces already made.

I couldn't find my brisket rub. Probably took it to deer camp. So I used this for rub.

Badia Sazon with Coriander and Annatto

Package of uncooked baby back ribs

Cut ribs into twos.

Put on rub.

Baby back ribs cut into twos and coated with red orange powder

Put liquid in pot, mostly BBQ sauce but some water. The pot may not work if the liquid is too thick. (Also, I was running out of BBQ sauce. I went to the store to get more while the ribs were under pressure.)

About to squeeze the dregs of a bottle of BBQ sauce into a Pyrex measuring cup so I can add water to it.

Mixing the BBQ liquid in a Pyrex measuring cup with a white plastic cooking spoon.

Put the BBQ liquid into the pot.

Put in ribs.

The rub covered ribs in a pool of BBQ liquid in the multicooker pot

Pressure cook on high for 16 minutes.

Take out ribs.

Pour out liquid and save for some other use. (I'm going to cook beans in mine.)

Put ribs in air fryer basket or rack.

Put BBQ sauce on ribs.

Two sets of two ribs in the air fryer basket in the pot, being basted in BBQ sauce

Air fry at 400° for 10 minutes.

Looking down into the air fryer basket in the pot at finished ribs, nicely brown, a little crispy around the edges

Blue floral plate with two ribs pulled apart showing gently cooked meat between

They were not as juicy as I wanted but not dry. Tender. Nice. Maybe next time I will bake instead of air fry. I have some cake pans small enough to fit in on a rack and I could cover in foil to seal in juices.