Blogging again. Of course.

Random Thoughts From Yesterday

I get some great boxes, and I like to keep the strong ones of convenient sizes for future use, but of course that takes up space.

The problem with breaking down boxes is that it's hard for me to tell the size of a flattened box to use again. Intact boxes are obvious. I have a whole lot of broken down boxes in the shed but I still keep some intact boxes on hand under the crafting table anyway.

“Don't get distracted on the way to the box cutter.” This is the kind of self-talk I engage in if I have to go to another room. Or the other end of a big room. Like, to fetch the box cutter. Is this ADHD, getting older, or both?

Camo net is fantastic. I love a piece of shade that lets the breeze through. I like to drape it over tents to reduce the heat.

Delighted to find some stakes online made of rebar but with the tips cut at an angle. My dad loves rebar stakes but I can't use his because they are blunt cut. You have to be testosterone poisoned to be able to drive them in.