Payday just came last week together with our 13th-month pay and to be honest, I have no more funds left. I didn't really expect that I'd be spending that much. I forgot to plan first because I got pressured. I mean, the sale was about to end so I just went ahead and added everything to my shopping cart. When I checked my bank account, I had to pause for a long time because I had to process everything that just happened. Silly me. I don't regret it though. I was able to buy things for myself that I wouldn't have been able to afford back then. To be clear, I don't really earn that much but the fact that I'm still able to tick off some things from my wish-list makes me feel good and motivated. It gives me hope that I can still get to the life I've always wanted to be.

Back to the main story, another reason my funds got wiped out is because I bought gifts! I'm not really the type to give gifts like it's not in my nature. But this time, I went and bought gifts for selected people. Well, some were obligatory but I still like the feeling it gives. It makes things more festive, you know? I don't celebrate Christmas for the real purpose of it. I don't care about the religion stuff behind it. But I like the feeling of festivity. So when I got my bonus, it really turned my festivity meter to a full. Aside from the obligatory gifts, I bought gifts for the few people I think deserve it. And of course, leave out that person who talked shit about me last year when I was unemployed.

Well, to be honest, this year is also a revenge for me. Last year really drove me to the edge I was so close to losing hope. Anxiety mixed with the shitty remarks I got from these people really affected me. But it's all different now. I am feeling better and more positive and I have funds to treat myself. And I really made sure to come up with a good revenge so I can show these shit people that I can do it. Hah. I can't wait to see their reaction and hear more of their negative talking about me after Christmas. Oh, but this time, I'm not going to cry but laugh because that just means, I hit them right where it hurts.