Another year has passed. And to be honest, 2021 has been a big roller-coaster ride for me because as far as I remember, I actually started 2021 with an anxious heart and yet, I managed to end it feeling calm and content. You see, a lot has happened to me in a span of a year. And my mental health really got fucked up in all of this. Imagine having to live with people who you know had been bad-mouthing you for every single thing you do. The negative energy's just too much for someone to handle. I'm honestly in awe at myself because despite all that, I am still here. Just wow. I guess I've gotten stronger?

I have a lot of plans for 2022 – financially, mentally, and physically. It'll be a tough road yet again but I am feeling hopeful. I just need the right mindset as well as the energy to achieve all of them.

This year will be all about me. Fuck everyone else.