Just like the past years, 2023 has been another rollercoaster ride for me. Not everyday was perfect. Not everyday I was smiling. But it's alright because I never felt alone. There were people who care about me and I am very grateful with these people – my work besties and my boyfriend. They made me feel that I belong. They made me feel that I am important. They made me feel that it's alright to take it slow. They made me feel that I can do it. I guess there's no other way but continue to 2024? I still have a long way to go and it's okay. I've been really hard with myself for not achieving the same things my peers have achieved that I almost failed to realize I did a lot of things this year as well. I have my own life. My win is a win. It doesn't matter if it's not for others. So yeah, let's go 2024! Let's do this!