First time in years I celebrated my birthday. This time, I had people with me. It was overwhelming to the point that I wanted to cancel it and just lie down, and at the same time, it felt nice. I'm really getting older. I still have a long way to go in terms of financial stability so I have to be stronger than ever. I'm not alone. And I should always remember that. They might not say it to my face but they do care. Where did I even get that idea that they don't? I really need to fight this negativity inside me. The day before my birthday celebration, I actually cried because I kept worrying about the future. But worries are part of life. No one knows what going to happen tomorrow. How am I so sure that I won't get there to the life I want? The world is already harsh so I should treat myself with love and kindness. It's alright to feel worried because that's just a human thing. But that does not mean I should let those worries hinder myself. Honestly, I haven't finished writing my 26-year old resolutions but I am feeling more positive now. I feel like I can do it, whatever that “it” is.