I am honestly feeling overwhelmed these days that I want to cry. And no, it's not tears of sadness but tears of joy. Being showered with affection by someone is such a magical feeling, especially for me, who never had that kind of experience. As I've always mentioned, I grew up very detached and never showed nor received any affection at all. I don't even know how to fucking hug! I've always held back expressing my emotions. And yet... I am at that place right now. I am being loved without being forced to return the same amount of effort. I am being taught how to love without being pressured. I am being able to express my feelings without being judged. I can't believe I am getting to experience this right now. I feel so normal. I feel so safe. I feel so free. I am just feeling very touched right now that I want to cry. Actually, I am already crying right now. What a nice feeling it is. I am really grateful to have met this person. Forever I will be.