I can't believe I finished 2 books today. Well, I've been stalling reading No Longer Human and actually picked it up again during the lenten break and finally managed to finish it today but I didn't think I'll actually finish Animal Farm today as well... in one sitting. One. Sitting. Like whoa!? I guess I was so in the mood today? It's just a short book, I know, but for the present me, that's amazing. I'm honestly always tired and easily bored and my attention span is soooo short now that's why even I got surprised. Hehe. Now I'm more eager to read. Well, I don't have a goal for how many books to read this year. I used to have that but I always end up feeling bad like when I only get to read 3 books for the whole year, I'll call myself unproductive. Yikes. Not anymore though. I came to realize once again that it's not about the amount of books you've read but the quality. Nope, I'm not going to jump on the reading bandwagon made by the social media people and pressure myself. I'm just going to read here on my own pace and enjoy everything. Okay, off to read Weasels in the Attic!