Having an attachment issue sure is hard. Like, I want to go out with my circle but I just can't find the energy to make an extra effort. Invite me for a coffee, sure, I'll go but no, not on out-of-towns or sleepovers. I don't know. Maybe I just don't feel the connection anymore that's why I don't feel like making an effort? Not everyone can understand but the thing is, it always had been this way for me. I'm by default detached so if we don't interact anymore, on my side, it just naturally fades. No, I don't need attention. I think it's more related to energy. I can't explain how but it's like the less energy you give me, the less I give back too. Maybe it's some kind of coping mechanism for me? An armor? But yeah. Doesn't mean I'm cutting off that person in my life. We're still acquainted but the attachment, the connection, it's kind of blurry on my side because I don't see or feel it anymore, something like that. Hah. In fact, these days, whenever I'm daydreaming of doing something, I always imagine doing it alone which is a good thing for me. It means I'm really getting comfortable with being alone now. And I want to continue exploring that feeling. So yeah, I guess I'll be turning down everyone until next year. Hah.