I really can't help but get triggered when people call me 'KJ' for not wanting to participate in a social activity especially if it's from someone who you thought knew. I think I made it clear already that I am a fucking introvert... Why am I getting that word again? Is it my responsibility to interact with everyone even though I don't like them? Is that my purpose in life? Last time I checked, I live to satisfy myself not other people. Last time I checked, I don't give a shit about other people and only care about those who matter to me. So why am I being labelled as “KJ” just because I don't want to interact? Am I really required to make everyone my friend? Damn. Those two fucking letters really sour my mood. What irks me more is how people usually react after saying this. Instead of apologizing for making me feel invalidated, they're giving back a sour reaction. People say they understand how hard it is to fucking live like this but it really shows they don't. Do you know how much energy I have to use just to stop myself from crying whenever I am with other people? Plus the energy I have to use just so I can make myself present. Ugh. Must be nice to be able to make friends whenever you like. News flash! We are not the same so stop. Just fucking stop. Let me live my fucking life. I am not stopping you to make friends or whatever. But don't push that concept on me because that's not me. Meh. I think I'll end this rant now.