Help and Resources for the Fantasy Football Commissioner

Starting a Dynasty League

So, you wanna start a Dynasty League, eh? That's cool – Dynasty is a great way to play Fantasy Football. If you've been doing Redraft leagues for awhile and feel a little “been there done that” about it, then Dynasty is something you should be exploring. This post should give you a bunch of things to think about if you want to be the person to start the league.

To Be A Dynasty

There are a lot of Fantasy Football League Formats out there, but the easiest way to think of Dynasty is to contrast it with the other more common formats. The three below are certainly not the only three, but to keep this list from being too long, I'll start with three:

These aren't the only differences, but at it's core, how many players you get to keep year-over-year is the most fundamental difference.

Oh The Places We'll Go

When you decide to do a Dynasty League, you open a lot of doors into the multiverse of Fantasy Football. Below is a list of possible “features” of Fantasy Football that you unlock when you decide to do a Dynasty League. These are only possible because managers are now thinking beyond the frame of a single season:

And these are just a few. The bottom line is that Dynasty opens up many possibilities into how you play Fantasy Football and how you craft a league.

Look Before You Leap

Because of all these possibilities, Dynasty Leagues are more complex to get started and to run as a Commissioner, especially year-over-year. Before you dive in and get started, here are a few things to think about:

Beyond The Core

It goes without saying that you will have a lot of things to think about regarding the configuration of your league, but you will also have a lot of other things to think about that aren't just about league configuration. Let's end this post with a few of those things:

I will dive into everything in this post and more in future posts, but hopefully this gives you a bunch of things to think about when starting your league. If it feels like a lot, don't fret – starting a Dynasty League is a lot of fun!