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The Snoop Dogg cookbook

Well, of course Snoop Dogg has a cookbook with an introduction by Martha Stewart, and yes, I did buy it, thanks for asking.

Quick review: this cookbook is ideally something you give to a stoner teen that’s about to move out of home for the first time. The recipes are super-basic, with some nice twists, but require no complicated ingredients and the processes will not stretch anyone’s brain.

The layout and text are a lot of good, clean fun and nothing is taken too seriously. From that point of view, he’s done a great job at making cooking for yourself more accessible.

I’d keep this to give to my daughter when/if she moves out, but she’s already awesome at making schnitzel, bake cakes and muffins, etc. and she’s only 12, so I think she’ll be fine by the time she’s in her late teens…