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I Accidentally Reply Model

What should I do...

Is this dangerous?

So I ran into a funny little snafu last night. I finally implemented my Reply model for my little textboard project but once I did this I noticed the app no longer shows in the snazzy built-in error pages. That's bummer because I find them real helpful when running apps in development mode. I kinda gave up on this last night and looked at it again this morning and noticed the following in the console output (requesting a route that does not exist, expect a 404):

[2022-08-20 13:08:43.53717] [27345] [trace] [CgcDACZgwvD4] GET "/swagg"
Mojo::Reactor::Poll: I/O watcher failed: Can't locate object method "exception" via package "PostText::Model::Reply" at /home/daniel/perl5/lib/perl5/Mojolicious.pm line 200.

It must be trying to dereference exception from an object named reply... Let's see...

[daniel@netburst mojo]$ grep -i -r '\->reply' * | grep -i 'lite'
t/mojolicious/exception_lite_app.t:  $c->reply->exception(undef);
t/mojolicious/exception_lite_app.t:  $c->reply->exception;
t/mojolicious/exception_lite_app.t:  $c->reply->exception(Mojo::Exception->new);
t/mojolicious/lite_app.t:  $c->render_maybe('this_does_not_ever_exist') or $c->reply->static($file);
t/mojolicious/lite_app.t:get '/static' => sub { shift->reply->static('hello.txt') };
t/mojolicious/longpolling_lite_app.t:  Mojo::IOLoop->timer(0.25 => sub { $c->reply->static('hello.txt') });
t/mojolicious/static_lite_app.t:get '/hello3.txt' => sub { shift->reply->static('hello2.txt') };
t/mojolicious/static_lite_app.t:  $c->reply->static('hello2.txt');
t/mojolicious/static_lite_app.t:  $c->reply->asset($mem);
t/mojolicious/static_lite_app.t:  $c->reply->file(curfile->sibling('templates2', '42.html.ep'));

Gah! I think I can work around this I suppose by just renaming the reply helper to something other than reply but for consistency I'm going to go ahead and migrate everything to use the name Remark instead of Reply. 'Comment' would remind me too much of social media so I guess these threads are gettin remarked upon.

This, of course, means another night of databases. 😩