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Warranty Theater

I recently have come to the come to the conclusion that 'warranty' as
we know it in 2022 is a big fat Greek lie because:

  1. Devices aren't even repairable anymore. What are they gunna do for you?
  2. Who says they'll honor the warranty anyways?

I'm swearing them off forever now. My new warranty is the SwaggPlan:

  1. Always decline the warranty. Always.
  2. Use search tools like StackOverflow, YouTube, etc for fucking
    everything. Just this week I've fixed a fridge and HVAC. I know
    literally nothing about these things.
  3. You are probably capable of figuring out much more shit than you
    give yourself credit for!

Forget 'peace of mind', warranty only provides the illusion of that. Real peace of mind is ensuring you're never reliant on people/processes that are demonstrably unreliable.

Right to repair now,