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Uh, Oh! We've Ratcheted up to a threat now on Adblock and UblockOrigin...

Soft landings usually mean it doesn't hurt very much at first, then perhaps the event becomes more frequent and escalates to something that looks like the attached screenie...

When this happens, you may wish to avail yourself of some of the alternatives below.

Once you get here you're faced with trying options or even becoming disenfranchised. Switching to another browser is a prudent test, some have suggested pasting links into Incognito Mode tabs or logging out, while others have claimed that stock Brave Browser seems to humming along for them; and third party utils from among the list that follows:

Web based:

Android (both are available at F-Droid):


Browser extension (a native, local, cross-platform solution):

On #Android, I haven't been presented with any of these foreboding pop ups warning me about blockers. I typically use #Brave or #Vivaldi Browser, they're stock, but I use the YouTube app more than I do any one of my browsers on my phones.

I also run the #DuckDuckGo “App Tracking Protection service”. This is NOT #FOSS, so your choices are either installing from the #Aurora or Google Playstore, yet there's no requirement to use the #DDG browser to enable this protection – it's not for your browsers though (even DDG), it is designed to work with pretty much everything on your Android EXCEPT browsers; i.e., almost all of your installed apps, seamlessly, and since most folks stream YouTube videos through the Google YouTube Android app, I surmise that it targets and obliterates ads in the app (I haven't confirmed the veracity of that, it's merely supposition, but it blocks zillions of attempts by installed apps to phone home).

I'm Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, personal observations, and concerns; other toolsets or applications that meet your needs, and why you may have chosen those particular types of tools.

I hope that helps!

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