It´s only for your comfort, trust me.

Theme of today: Red car
She went downstairs with her favorite summer dress. Bright yellow, airy and with a few lollipops on it. She loved it. Her chariot was awaiting her, at least that was what she was calling her bike. She unlocked it, wiped the dust off the saddle and started to drive out of the building entry.
She wanted to get groceries and maybe an ice, just because it was hot and she was craving a Magnum with almonds. So where was I? Ah yes right, our lady in the yellow summer dress. Happily gliding down the road, evading cars and pedestrians. Nothing could taint her happiness as she was on the way to get some soft cream in icy form.
Along the way it got more crowded, as she was approaching the city center. A lot of posh cars, seeing the magnificent lady in her bright dress, elegantly riding between traffic jams. Not even whistling could be heard, she was too gorgeous to be disturbed by any such frivolous sounds.
And while she was riding, tilting her head back at a red light where she needed to stop, she lost her balance. Right beside her, a red cabriolet stood still, awaiting green. She fell onto the bonnet of the car, quickly getting off it again and apaologising to the man in it. He had a giant mountain of hair and big sunglasses. “Do not worry about it, darling”, he said in baritone voice.
She lifted herself onto the bike, blushing.
“You might want to get that cleaned”, the man in the cabrio said, pointing towards her dress. It had red stains on it. “But, ....”, she mumbled.

“You see, darling... I bought this car in white. But after so many concerts, the fans just wanted to give it more admiration. So they kiss it. Everywhere. I am sorry about the lipstick and the inconvenience.”

After all, the red car was white but kissed red, almost like her face as she marveled who he was.