The Knee Jerk Devotional

November 9, 2023

Psalm 70

Photo of glitter stars by Kier in Sight Archives on Unsplas

“Let those on the hunt for you sing and celebrate.”

Throughout my life of faith the hardest thing for me has always been the reality that I can not experience God with my senses. You would think that this would create in me a lack of belief, yet it has not. Why? Because I think I see all around me the effects of God.

I guess it's like that truism, “I can't see the wind but I can feel it's effect.”

I think about this a lot. How can I believe when I can not see?

Some would say, “This is where faith comes in.” I suppose that's true. But, it is not very satisfying.

As I read this psalm today this line, “Let those on the hunt for you sing and celebrate,” really grabbed my attention. I've been thinking about it all morning.

There is something called the Baarder-Meinhoff phenomenon. This is what we call that phenomenon that happens when you start noticing things that you never saw before. For instance, you buy a yellow car and all of a sudden you being “seeing” yellow cars all over the place. Were they never there before? Of course they were. But, for some reason you just didn't notice them. Now, you do.

In a very real sense, what you seek to see you will find.

I see God in so many things. I see God in God's creation. I see God through the creative process. I see God in technology and science and medicine.

Where I see God the most is in the self-sacrificial loving-kindness of people. I look around and am amazed by the way people love. So many, I'd say the vast majority of people that I know love so well. Sure, there are people that I experience as unkind, yet I also see them love other people well.

As I look for God and see God in the people around me it causes me to rejoice.

What I'm pondering today is, “Am I looking for God?”


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