Day 12

Spent all day doing javascript work. That’s the thing I love about coding – it’s absolute pain trying to solve something but when you do – its like beating a boss in dark souls or something.

The pain meant something…. :D

I view creative writing in a very similar way. It’s a lot of work – but when you hold that draft (wether first or final) in your hand. You know you just achieved something most never will. (Bringing an idea to life and eventually showing it off for the world to judge)

Yesterday was a rousing success. I now truly know what I wanna write on this website and how to organize it. The problem is — I know its gonna take me a long a** time to write that content. But I promise, when the catalogue of ideas in my mind actually hits this site; then you’re going to feel the unifying content that you’re looking for.

But for now – more daily updates.

I believe it’s also thanksgiving today in my country (Canada) – happy thanksgiving!