Day 13

A cloudy day for a nice long drive, a sprinkle of rain, and a radio station that played ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong.

Yup, today was a good day.

I don’t have anything special to say—it was just another day. Life tends to be like that if you ask me; long stretches of quiet with a few moments of spectacular action.

But on a side note: I did come across a book called The Anatomy of Story by John Truby…

My little goal for tonight: come up with a formal premise (basically a 1 sentence pitch) for each of the stories on my backlog.

Examples of a premise:

The Godfather: The youngest son of a Mafia family takes revenge on the men who shot his father and becomes the new Godfather.

Moonstruck: While her fiance visits his mother in Italy, a woman falls in love with the man's brother.

Casablanca: A tough American expatriate rediscovers an old flame only to give her up so that he can fight the Nazis.

A Streetcar Named Desire: An aging beauty tries to get a man to marry her while under constant attack from her sister's brutish husband.

Star Wars: When a princess falls into mortal danger, a young man uses his skills as a fighter to save her and defeat the evil forces of a galactic empire.

I’ll spend tonight reading the section on premise from John Truby’s book and work on my own for my stories. Hopefully it solidifies the exact concepts I’m going for in each story and leads to a better outline.

Another realization I had – national writing month is coming up! Should I go for it? I have no idea. While it would be nice…

I honestly have no idea how next month’s workload is going to shape up like; lots of deliverables for the client all by no later than Nov 28th. (Sheesh). I only was reminded that it was happening because I came across a humble bundle on it.

So, if you wanna support charity and get a few books (legally):

The NaNoWriMo Writing Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) (

Take care for now!