Day 16

Because I don’t expect anything amazing from this project, I’m not afraid to just take inspiration from wherever. The whole goal of this piece is to literally say I finished one whole novel – not to be my best work or an original piece.

Somebody in a comment of all places wrote a conspiracy theory that honestly falls apart very quickly but frankly what they wrote from a narrative perspective unsettled me to my core. I know what they wrote is going to vanish into the abyss because to them it’s a “theory” they actually believe in but their story felt too PERFECT to ignore.

It’s in the horror genre if I may have mentioned, but now I’m not sure if it should be space. I feel like putting it in space would detract from the fear and put it “”far away” from the reader but we shall see – maybe it’ll be a dystopic future apocalypse world.

We shall see….

That’s all for now!