Day 21

It was a 12H workday so not much was done today by way of writing but I was thinking about how characters via their actions drop details about themselves.

The story I’m writing is a fairly quiet one by way of dialogue so far (unless I wanna switch to first person) so I’m trying to figure out good ways to drop hints.


He grabbed his dog tags firmly; eyes staring into the hallow abyss that lied beyond the platform. The engraved silver being the only reminder that remains of how hopeful once was.


I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He hobbled along in the rain in a soaked trench coat, a hole-riddent recipient of many patchwork sewing repairs. It must be hard to get supplies out here then…

What you came with is what you got it. Dear god, why did I pack light?


I’m still working on it as you can see but as I learn better ways to capture behaviors and how to convey that from the narrative perspective, I’m taking I think then hopefully I can make the characters come alive in more ways than exposition.