Day 30- Location

Still demoralized from yesterday’s meeting. But I decided I need to not let emotions get the better of me. I need to power on as best I can. I have a space horror novel to write. Granted it might not be done by the end of november…

But rather than get hung up on details, I thought I’d just share a little worldbuilding

The Lighthouse

This is a space station/akin to an oceanic oil rig that is supported by 4 massively huge pillars along the square shape and a tower on the top side that serves as a beacon. In the center from the underside is a central elevator and a series of smaller mining pipelines that run along the pillars. It is essentially the homebase of our protagonist and where he first lands on the main planet and it’s where he first gets sent “”down” to the ground.

The Planet

This planet is where they send old inefficient/rebellious workers to die. It’s a hostile planet with lots of unknowns but corporations want to test it for resource mining despite being unsuccessful for many years.

This is all I can share because I want the actual environments to be developed with a purpose and I may cut some from the story as better ideas present themselves.