Day 4

I spent way too much time today deciding what my pen name is lmao. But at least the task is done. I decided a pen name was the way to go because frankly my real name just doesn’t roll off the tongue that well and I will also likely write trash for this first little while and there’s no need to further destroy my ego beyond what life has already done.

I also signed up for a reddit account STRICTLY for the writingprompts community and a few other writing ones to further expand my knowledge via their wiki’s.

Created a local PKM (Personal Knowledge Manager – like Obsidian) to manage my writing (more on that in the future)

I never fleshed out that main character from yesterday… just ran out of time. But I know he’s from New York. Haven’t decided if he’s gonna be more bohemian or James bond-esque.

The one line for tonight: “You are not entitled to the fruits of your labor” – Krishna (if I remember right) , quoted in Turning Pro by Stephen Pressfield.

But for tonight: