Day 5

I have a main character! He’s from NYC , a rakish young fellow who lives on the wrong side of the tracks (makes illicit money) but wants something more than just the small time hustles.

From this character I also found an opening into the plot, but now I’m trying to determine how he goes from his seedy start to the wider plot which involves the high life and international locations.

I started watching masterclass videos and got into Neil Gaiman’s course. I plan on doing a full course review and summary eventually but here is one key early takeaway:

Fiction is just a memorable lie to communicate true ideas.

This is actually quite handy to see it defined this way, because as a writer-he clarifies your mission in this statement to communicating true ideas. THAT should be a base for you to stand on. I think its also possible to interpret it as — too many writers meander about their stories not actually telling anything of substance. What are the actual ideas and lessons you want to imbue the reader with?

And for tonight – I’m going to watch a little more of that masterclass AND I’ll read this handy dandy guide for writing essays by Jordan Peterson. I know he’s a divisive figure – but I’ll be damned if I pass up on learning how to write better essays.

Link to the word doc if you want it for yourself.

It’s already day 5 sheesh! I also need to start thinking about some proper content for this blog…