with the Angler

but I’m all sandy with writing criticism, & must be off to my book again

Ah! a blog. Or don’t we call them that anymore? I’ve lost track / touch. Helloworld !! ... oh, look a butterfly ,, a shiny new .net (and who is that guy in shorts ... a Russian accent? being tailed by the FBI no doubt)

This is Skinny Dipping ,,, just sit for a moment and imagine that ,,, 2.0 / I’ll catch you up (are you with me?) :: precisely one year ago today (that is to say the 22nd of September) I started writing (for my own amusement and a few personal+reallife friends) a ... I guess it’s best described as a reading project, but it’s more than just reading, I’m living along with Virginia Woolf in real time ,, but a hundred years later. That is to say, I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s diaries at the pace she wrote them and (in addition to the actual reading) I select a quotation from her diary entry and use it as the title (or prompt) for my own spontaneous prose composition aka SPeC. The title for this instance is “but I’m all sandy with writing criticism, & must be off to my book again” and it will be (become chapter 56 in the book that I’m writing).

Since this chapter will have to serve as an introduction to Skinny Dipping for those of you who are just joining ,, in progress ,, I’ll note briefly that while the slow reading of V.W.’s diaries / and letters !! / an activity that has a fixed deadline of the 24th of March 2041 ,, assuming I’m still around on that day, I will write the final chapter of Skinny Dipping / is the framework for this project, my intent is to move about (in a literary way) in the space of experimental literature. V.W.’s Jacob’s Room being an example of the experimental English novel. Ah, but what do I mean by “experimental”? (more to come !!) ,, that’s enough prolog :

... when I discovered this platform/tool? [method of publication] :: write.as :: I thought (!) I could write criticism, I could write about the experimental novel, what it is, it’s history | how to write the Experimental Novel ,, but what do I know? I’m no authority. I’m just this ... this , someone who writes with scissors and who has a generous supply of band-aids. I can share a few stories, some experiences, tell you about the books I’ve read and want to read. but what most interests me is writing my own books ,, books not for everyone as Anaïs Nin said of her experimental works. ... but the could be , if we really wanted

Criticism? maybe, but I’m already feeling sandy and I really must be off to writing my own book.

This experiment of ,, reading along with ,, has (with the above chapter cum “post”) become public or it’s certainly very well hidden where anyone who wishes may read what I’m writing here.