with the Angler

I could write something much better, if I gave up a little more time to it.

My problem is that I want to do everything that comes into my head : it’s a problem of time, yes. If only I had a little more time : the writer’s concept of heaven is the time (and energy !) to write everything. / The title for this chapter/post comes from a letter V.W. wrote in mid-October (the precise date is unknown). She’s talking about a play that she’s written and now she’s backpedaling : she doesn’t want others to waste their time acting in a play that is not up to V.W.’s standards … if she only had more time !! :: My childhood dream of becoming a writer was built on an image of the serial novel. I didn’t just wish to write trilogies or septologies or even dodecaologies (why stop there !?) I wanted to write The Neverending Unfolding Story in Color! Now that I’m a big boy, all grown up, and living in a time when the future is already the past, I have all the tools I need not only to write the serial novel, but to publish it in installments also. But if I start … it’s like MTV, it was never intended to end. No, the real issue is not the fact that my neverending story will certainly end (we all have to die someday), my trouble is with the necessary and unavoidable decision : the decision not to write something else—if I write this, I cannot also write that. And what is it that I will be giving up? A pernicious little question ,, it’s like “Let’s Make a Deal” : I’ve already picked Curtain #1 and I see where that’s got me: Curtains 2 through 3 are waiting. but time isn’t.