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All Rounder Meguru Manga Thoughts

All Rounder Meguru is a martial arts manga by Hiroki Endo. It was completed in 2016 but the final volume was recently translated into English by Kodansha. I had started reading it several years ago through fan translations, but once it was licensed I was finally able to finish the story!

The manga follows high school student Meguru Takayanagi as he trains in a shooto gym. His skills slowly progress and he discovers his own reasons for fighting throughout the story. One thing I love about this manga is how realistic it is. Even extremely technical moves like the berimbolo are shown and illustrated in great detail.

It has a great supporting cast which most importantly contains Meguru's childhood chum, Takashi Yamabuki. Takashi and Meguru both practised karate as children but now that they are both competing in shooto who knows what could happen! Well, I know since I've read the manga, but you could find out too!

The fights themselves are well done and I especially like the times where Jiu Jitsu competition is shown. This would certainly be a recommendation if you train MMA / BJJ / other stuff but even if not it is a good story. You can purchase volumes of All Rounder Meguru on Book Walker. At least for now it is only available digitally in English. Hope you like it!

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