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CSS for JavaScript Developers Course

I've started going through the course CSS for JavaScript developers as part of a quest to improve my web development skills. The course was created by Josh W Comeau and I've found it to be a great resource so far.

It teaches you the basics of CSS in 2021 instead of just teaching a few situation specific tricks. From the box model to CSS Grid to animations everything you need to start actually understanding CSS is there. Or at least will be there once each course module has been added. Also instead of just being made up of text and/or videos there are interactive elements.

I purchased the early access version of the course so not everything that will be covered is available yet. The plan seems to be to have the course finished sometime in 2021 and it will probably be reopened for purchase then. The course even has a discord channel where you can ask questions! You can sign up to be notified through email when it launches through the course website.

This is my day 86 post for #100daystooffload

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