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GCW Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 6 and GCW Spring Break 2021

GCW: The Collective 2021 is almost upon us! Twelve events over three days from April 8 to 10. It is possible to watch all these show through fite.tv for the low, low price of $139.99 USD (probably a reasonable amount actually) by buying the Collective Bundle 2021. But personally, I'm most interested in two of the shows.

GCW Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 6

Bloodsport is back! Also we are finally getting the match that was scheduled for Wrestlemania week last year in Josh Barnett versus Jon Moxley. The rest of the card is listed on cagematch, but the matches I'm excited for are mentioned below.

Rocky Romero versus Chavo Guerrero Jr.

New Japan Pro Wrestling's Rocky Romero takes on veteran wrestler, Chavo Guerrero Jr. I'm more curious than excited for this one, but it's rare that a Bloodsport match is actually bad. I'll predict Rocky to take this one!

Chris Dickinson versus Shane Mercer

Chris Dickinson just turned heel in GCW so I wonder if that persona carries over to Bloodsport. This match should be awesome since Shane Mercer is a big, strong dude. Let's go Mercer!

Lio Rush versus Yoya

I'm sure Lio Rush will be much less flippy than usual in this match. Yoya is not a wrestler a have seen before but I think he competed in Paradigm Pro Wrestling's UWFi rules events. Hmm, guess I'll pick Yoya to win.

Josh Barnett versus Jon Moxley

No idea who picks up the win for this match. Could be a draw even! Either way I'm excited for it!

GCW rSpring Break - fka JJSB5

Due to Rickey Shane Page beating Joey Janela at a previous GCW show 440H got control of Spring Break! Oh well, the show still looks awesome. Let's look at some of the matches.

Masada versus Atticus Cogar

Is this a deathmatch? I'm not entirely sure but it should be fun no matter the stipulation. Atticus Cogar will probably win this bout.

Chris Dickinson versus Joey Janela

Dickinson was last seen costing Joey Janela the GCW title and control of Spring Break. This is Janela's shot at revenge. Dickinson will almost certainly win this match.

Rickey Shane Page versus Nick Gage

Nick Gage has returned from his injuries and is ready to take his title back! I'm not sure which direction GCW is going but I'll go with Nick Gage!

Those are the two events I will be watching for this year's Wrestlemania week! I'm looking forward to them but mostly I hope everyone stays safe.

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