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Anime Recommendation: Den-noh Coil

When I first watched Den-noh Coil as it was airing I thought to myself, This show is great! Why aren't more people talking about this show? That was in 2007 and in 2022 I'm still thinking the same thing! Luckily for fans of the show such as myself it has recently come to Netflix for all to enjoy. But why now you ask? Well that's because Netflix will soon be releasing The Orbital Children, another anime by the director and writer of Den-noh Coil, Mitsuo Iso.

The gist of Den-noh Coil is that it's the near future and everyone has started to use augmented reality glasses. In this vision of the future the real and the virtual are tightly integrated and can sometimes be hard to tell apart. The show starts by following Yuko Okonogi as she moves to Daikoku City and searches the new town for lost memories with her new friends. Though the virtual world seems like a fun kids game at first there is an air of foreboding like something sinister is waiting to be found. Den-noh Coil only gets better as its core mystery unfurls later into the show's 26 episode run and I highly recommend it.

With the pedigree of his previous credits such as Ghost in the Shell and End of Evangelion people would expect Mitsuo Iso to deliver a great looking anime and they would get just that. Despite it's great story and animation not a heck of a lot of attention has been given to this show (at least as far as English language discussion goes). Mother's Basement did devote part of a video to it so that's something! For whatever reason Den-noh Coil was not even released in North America until June 28, 2016. About nine years after it first aired!

Den-noh Coil can be watched on Netflix (if it's not available in your region I'm sorry!) or you can pick up the Blu-ray released by Maiden Japan.

I hope you give this great show a chance or if 26 episodes seems like too much right now check out The Orbital Children which comes out on Netflix tomorrow!

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