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Chihayafuru Manga

(Potential spoilers for the whole series inside)

So Chihayafuru is one of my favourite manga. Back in August 2022 it completed it's run in Be Love and the final chapter was released. Then in December 2022 the 50th and final volume of the series was made available in Japan. This volume included a sequel chapter that I somehow did not know about until a week or two ago. I found this extra chapter to be a fantastic read.

Not just because it focused on one of my favourite characters, but because it sets up a full sequel to Chihayafuru so well.

Well it is with a heavy heart I wave goodbye to this wonderful manga. Thank you Suetsugu-sensei for all of your hard work on this amazing series for so many years.

Shout out to my boy Taichi and maybe one day the anime adaptation will continue and put the rest of the story to screen.

Thanks for reading!



Sets up a sequel so well?

Does that mea-





Chihayafuru plus: Kimi ga Tame!!!

In Naniwa Bay, now the flowers are blossoming. Again!

Please expect more blog posts on Chihayafuru and read the manga if you have not yet done so!

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