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End of Year, Best of Year 2021

It's the end of 2021! How was everyone's year? Hopefully it was good despite the virus! With 2021 now being closed it is time to celebrate the year that was.

So it's time to get dressed up and head to the End of Year, Best of Year ceremonies. Taking place at the fabulous Write.as Theatre! Now let's hear from our host! He was the official mascot of the 13th IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics, and he loves making new friends. Everyone give it up for Sporti! How are you doing Sporti?

Doing just fine, thanks for asking!

That's great Sporti! What can you tell us about today's event?

Well we have some fantastic nominees in several different categories! From Anime of the Year to Pro Wrestling Match of the Year we have it all!

Glad to hear it. Sporti, I think it is about time for the show to start. Good luck out there tonight!

Lights in the building go down

And now your host for tonight's event, Sporti!

Sporti enters from stage right to raucous applause

Thank you, thank you! We have a good time planned for you tonight folks. But before we get to our inaugural ceremony I would invite you to stand if you are able and join me in singing this year's End of Year, Best of Year Anthem For Peace and Awards.

Thank you for singing along! I would like to remind everyone at this time that both the nominees and winners are decided by members of the Awards Committee. They most certainly are not just the opinions of the author of this blog!

Now it is time to get to our first award category, Anime of the Year! Let's take a look at our nominees.

Anime of the Year

First up is:

Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi is an impressively well structured show directed by Baku Kinoshita. The main character is a taxi driving walrus so what more could you want? If you are still not sold on Odd Taxi you can check out the first episode for free on YouTube. The rest of the series can be found on Crunchyroll.

The next nominee is:


A rare sequel that surpasses it's excellent predecessor in SSSS.Gridman, Dynazenon provides a lot of depth to backup its action packed tokusatsu visuals. Directed by Akira Amemiya, Dynazenon is available to watch on Funimation.

Our final nominee in this category is:

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

The final Rebuild of Evangelion movie is here at last! With this film Hideaki Anno has provided a cathartic finale that seems to have pleased most Eva fans. You can watch all four Rebuild of Evangelion movies on Amazon Prime Video.

And the winner of Anime of the Year is...


A great choice by the Awards Committee! Personally I can't wait for the recently announced film that continues the Gridman and Dynazenon universe! Now it's time for our second category. Post of the Year from blog.grappling.ca!

Post of the Year from blog.grappling.ca

And our first nominee in this category is:

Quintet - Grappling Team Survival Match

This particular post gave an overview of the Quintet grappling promotion. As of the end of 2021 it has the most views out of anything posted to blog.grappling.ca!

The second nominee in this category is:

Personal Blogs I Enjoy

According to the author this was a fun post to write! Some cool sites to be found in this one

And our third nominee is:

A Look Back At Metamoris

An overview of the Metamoris grappling promotion that looks at its successes and failures.

And the winner of Post of the Year from blog.grappling.ca is...

Personal Blogs I Enjoy!

The Awards Committee has spoken yet again! Let's look at our next set of nominees!

Video Game of the Year

The first nominee in this category is:

Metroid Dread

A return to form for the Metroid franchise that stands alongside the great 2D Metroid games of the past. Dread is the direct sequel to Metroid Fusion that fans have been waiting for!

For our next nominee we have:

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

It's a me, Sporti!

Sporti pauses for laughter

Port of a Wii U game it may be, but it's a fun one!

And our third nominee in this category is:

Neo: The World Ends With You

A sequel to perhaps the best RPG released on the Nintendo DS is finally here! Neo: The World Ends With You keeps the stylish nature of the original while changing up the game play to fit a regular controller.

And the winner of Video Game of the Year is...

Metroid Dread!

Some good video games were released this year, and those were three of them! This next category up to bat is a fun one!

Pro Wrestling Match of the Year

The first nominee in the Pro Wrestling Match of the Year category is:

Syuri versus Utami Hayashishita from Stardom Tokyo Dream Cinderella Special Edition

World Wonder Ring Stardom has really upped their game and popularity during the pandemic. This match for the World of Stardom Championship brought even more attention to the promotion, and for good reason! Check this one out on Stardom World.

The second nominee is:

"Hangman" Adam Page versus Bryan Danielson from AEW Winter Is Coming 2021

A fantastic bout that took place on AEW Dynamite. The commercials didn't seem to hurt this match as much as previous longer AEW TV matches.

The third nominee for 2021's best bout is:

Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros from AEW All Out 2021

Probably both one of the best cage matches and one of the best tag team matches ever!

And the winner of Pro Wrestling Match of the Year is...

Syuri versus Utami Hayashishita!

A well deserving pick! 2021 was a good year for pro wrestling if you were a fan of AEW and/or Stardom. Less so if not but into 2022 we head!

Other Cool Stuff

Here are some pieces of media that should be recognized despite not being nominated for a specific award!

The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef

A great book on how to reason better. This blog previously had some thoughts on The Scout Mindset.

MOX by Jon Moxley

One of the better books written by a pro wrestler. A really fun read that delves into the mind of Jon Moxley.

Chris Brookes, Maki Itoh, and Minoru Suzuki versus Eruption

Available to watch on Wrestle Universe, this is an awesome match that doubles as one of the funniest DDT bouts out there!

The Heike Story

The Heiki Story is an anime that follows downfall of the Taira clan in historical Japan. Directed by Naoko Yamada (A Silent Voice,Liz and the Blue Bird), the story is based on The Tale of the Heike which is a classic tale from the 13th century. One of the best shows of the year and it can be watched on Funimation.

Onward to our final category we go! It's the big one folks!

English Language Write.as Blog of the Year

After scouring the list of writers using write.as and going through as many of the blogs as possible it has been narrowed down to just three!

The first nominee in our final category is:


Written by Scott Nesbitt, this blog seems to focus on giving helpful advice as well as occasionally posting lists of links to other cool web pages.

The next nominee is:


A cool blog that posts a lot about books and reading.

Our last nominee in this category is:


An interesting look at the thoughts of Jake LaCaze.

And the winner of English Language Write.as Blog of the Year is...


This was indeed a good year for blogs! Feels like they are coming back into popularity in certain corners of the internet.

As the End of Year, Best of Year 2021 ceremonies come to a close I just want to thank all of you for coming to our humble event! It may not have been the easiest year but I hope everyone was able to take something from it. Here's to 2022!

Sporti exits the stage and the lights go up

Thanks to Sporti for being such a great host, and to the Awards Committee for all of their hard work making selections! I just want to end by congratulating all of our winners and thanking everyone here for coming!

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