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End of Year, Best of Year 2022

It's 2023! For this retrospective of 2022 I will just give various recommendations separated by category. No overall winners this time.

My Favourite Anime This Year

Lots to choose from this past year. Honestly Kaguya-sama was probably the best anime this year, but I said no winners and I stand by that! Ranking of Kings wasn't perfect but it was a breath of fresh air and Bojji is best boy. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners had a decidedly less uplifting story than the other shows listed here but was a spectacular production.

My Favourite Anime Songs This Year

Some catchy / hype tunes from 2022!

My Favourite Video Game This Year

I didn't play a lot of video games this year, but this new entry in the Kirby franchise was the best one in awhile. Just a delight to play.

My Favourite Album This Year

More tunes! Also my favourite song from 2022 has to be Talking to Myself by The Linda Lindas.

Pro Wrestling in 2022

Professional wrestling was pretty great in 2022 if you watched the right stuff. AEW was awesome throughout the year despite the backstage drama. Adding up the five AEW PPVs plus the three ROH events made for an all time great year of major shows for Tony Khan.

Things were a bit rough in Japan with the continued clap crowds and the less said about the barren indie landscape the better. Honestly if you aren't an AEW fan the year wasn't fantastic. Things look positive or at least hilarious for 2023 though with Vince being back in charge of WWE and NJPW coming off an awesome Wrestle Kingdom 17.

The year 2022 had its ups and downs for me, but I think it was more positive than negative. I'll be doing my best to make 2023 a great year!

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