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Money on the Mat: The Jeff Glover Story

The teaching of one virtuous person can influence many; that which has been learned well by one generation can be passed on to a hundred.

Kano Jigoro

Money on the Mat is a documentary that follows famed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor Jeff Glover. It was directed by BJJ black belt Roy Dean and focuses on the five days leading up to the tournament of Glover's creation, Money on the Mat.

The film looks / sounds great and is a fairly breezy watch at 77 minutes. Scenes of Glover training / philosophizing are mixed in with competition footage from the tournament. It's more of a glimpse into the daily life of Jeff Glover than an overarching narrative. Effort is made to explain what Jiu Jitsu is and how the rules of the sport work to those who are unfamiliar, but I think this film would mainly appeal to current practitioners.

A trailer is available to watch on YouTube. Money on the Mat can be purchased for $19.99 USD at Roy Dean's website.

Honestly I enjoyed the documentary and would recommend giving it a watch. If you want more background info check out this interview with Roy Dean. Thanks for reading and I plan on writing more Jiu Jitsu related articles soon assuming I can find the time!

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