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Labour Day Wrestling Weekend 2021

So much wrestling at this time of year. All localized between the dates of September 3rd to September 5th! Let's take a look at what I'll be tuning in to.

September 3: The Calm Before The Storm

AEW Rampage emanates from the Now Arena and serves as the go home show to the All Out PPV on Sunday. The announced card seems like it has some good stuff. Darby Allin versus Daniel Garcia should be fun. I'm also wondering if Dustin Rhodes will be the next Nightmare Family member to be defeated by Malakai Black after Black is done with Lee Johnson. I think as far as major members go Dustin is the only one to not be taken out. Unless Johnson wins the match of course! Looking forward to Rampage as always.

September 4: The Madness Begins

Beginning with Wrestle Grand Slam in MetLife Dome Night One there is a lot of stuff to watch on September 4th! Mostly I'll be looking out for the main and semi-main events for this one. Ibushi versus Tanahashi for the IWGP US belt and Okada versus Cobb should both be sick. In addition, the Stardom matches before both nights of Wrestle Grand Slam will be shown on NJPW World for the first time! Hooray!

Then on to Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix Night 9. I don't watch all that much Stardom, but I am super interested in the rematch between Utami Hayashishita and Syuri. Their previous bout is possibly the match of the year so far. It is unlikely I with watch the whole show though.

The night of September 4th, 2021 will be the first in person wrestling event I've been to since being in Japan. Which was in January 2020! It's a North Pro event that includes Marko Estrada versus Impact X-Division champion Josh Alexander. Should be a lot of fun!

Later that same night there is GCW: The Art of War Games. The undercard could be fun but of course the main draw is the War Games match itself. This one probably will not end until at least 1 am my time so who know if I will catch it live.

September 5: The Madness Continues

For Wrestle Grand Slam in MetLife Dome Night Two I'm excited for Robbie Eagles versus Hiromu Takahashi for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. Regarding the main event of Shingo Takagi versus Evil I'm feeling a sense of dread. Oh well as long as Shingo retains!

Then the big one! All Out on PPV. Christian versus Omega! Moxley versus Kojima! Women's Casino Battle Royal! However, the one I'm most looking forward to is the Young Bucks versus the Lucha Brothers inside of a steel cage! The eight man tag that both teams were involved in on the most recent and 100th episode of Dynamite was fantastic and I'm happy to see more from them.

So let's add things up! By my count there are seven different shows over three days that I will be checking out. All Out by itself will be at least four hours so with Rampage that's five hours plus on AEW right there. I'll probably just be watching one match from the Stardom and GCW shows but those two together should take at least an hour. Maybe I'll just watch parts of the NJPW events instead of the whole shows. Another hour and a half to two hours there!

Oh I almost forgot that there might be a special Saturday night episode of AEW Dark / Elevation. Will have to watch some of that since I hear there were cool returns at the taping on Wednesday. Dang.

There are of course many more events going on in the world of wrestling than just the ones I have mentioned here. Feel free to let me know which events you will be checking out and thanks for reading!

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