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Reminiscing On 100 Days to Offload

With the post about Julia Galef's book, The Scout Mindset, my 100 Days to Offload journey was completed on April 25, 2021. Yay! I'm honestly pretty surprised and happy that I managed to complete the challenge.

Now to reminisce! According to write.as my most viewed post was a short article I did on starting a Gemini capsule. It must have gotten linked to from somewhere else or maybe people just really love Gemini! It is pretty cool.

Here are some personal favourite articles that I wrote for 100 Days to Offload:

A Look Back at Metamoris

Personal Blogs I Enjoy

Enter the Brain Worm

The Feature Films of Studio Ghibli

Some Thoughts on Opening Closed Guard

Worth Defending Book Thoughts

I also thought the interviews with Alex MacKinnon and Scott Burr were pretty fun!

Going forward with this blog I will probably focus on doing longer posts that come out less frequently. Not sure if I'll have the time to write 100 more in the span of a year! Maybe I'll write some more posts on the anime Monster as I did start a re-watch of that then didn't write very much about it. Anyways thank you to Kev Quirk for starting 100 Days to Offload. It was fun! ----

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