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Spring 2021 Anime Recommendation: Those Snow White Notes

I was curious about this show as soon as the fact that it was a thing reached my brain. I'm a sucker for music anime! Those Snow White Notes is based on a manga by Marimo Ragawa. I guess the series has 27 volumes so far and I'm not 100% sure how many episodes the anime is planned for currently. Well hopefully the strength of the first episode is carried through to the end!

Anyway, Those Snow White Notes follows shamisen player Sawamura Setsu as he leaves his home town to go to Tokyo. After the death of his grandfather, whose shamisen playing he admired, Setsu feels that his own sound has disappeared. Once in Tokyo Setsu runs into trouble with local toughs but is saved by aspiring actress, Yuna Tachiki. Later the two have a tense meeting with Yuna's scummy boyfriend Taketo who plays the guitar. On that same night Yuna hears Setsu playing the shamisen and becomes inspired telling him that she is going to leave for awhile.

Setsu then runs into Taketo who brings him to his band's show. Taketo takes out his frustrations on Setsu who is once again saved by Yuna. Due to the delay caused by this the crowd is getting restless but Yuna sends out Setsu to perform as the opening act. The crowd is mesmerized by Setsu's shamisen playing.

Later Setsu sees off Yuna as she leaves on a train. He meets up with Taketo when the door to their apartment is knocked down by a mysterious woman.

So that was the first episode! I'll definitely be watching this one weekly. Oh and it can be watched on Crunchyroll. Check it out!

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